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Pastime Tournaments - Tournament Details

Tournament: 18U NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - Grand Park/Butler/UIndy

Dates: 7/18/2018 - 7/22/2018
Location: Indianapolis,IN
Cost: $1,275.00
Age Group: 17U / 18U
Games: 5
Featured Teams: 150
Status: Open
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Tournament Description

Grand Park/Butler University/University of Indianapolis and other collegiate/high school facilities in Indianapolis, IN will play host to the 18U NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP event.  This event will feature pool play followed by championship bracket(s) with all teams receiving 5 guaranteed games, weather permitting.  Baseballs will be provided by Pastime Tournaments during this aluminum bat event. 

*There is a one time gate fee during this event.

**Other venues include Wabash College, DePauw University, Franklin College, Ball State University, Marian University and more.

This is an OPEN National Championship event so registration is open to all interested teams, you do not need to qualify to attend.  

This is one of the top 18U Nationals in the country drawing teams from all over the U.S. and Canada during the event.  One of the more highly scouted 18U events there is on anyone's board.  We will be providing National Championship RINGS to the teams in the finals again in 2018.  130+ teams in attendance in 2016 and 2017!

Marks team with guaranteed games at featured field.
 Confirmed Teams
Dayton Sluggers (17U)
chi-town cream (18U)
Indiana Bulls White (17U)
Indiana Bulls Black (17U)
Dayton Sluggers (18U)
Windsor Selects (18U)
Indiana Bulls (18U)
Midwest Marlins (18U)
Demand Command-Higgs (17U)
Great Lake Canadians 18U (18U)
Field House Pirates (18U)
St Louis Bandits (18U)
Ohio Select (18U)
Great Lake Canadians 17U (17U)
Warbird Senators 17-A (17U)
Patriots Elite Flohr (18U)
Easton Prospects (17U)
Oshawa Legionaires (18U)
Indiana Chargers (18U)
Leaside Leafs (18U)
Lake Erie Warhawks/#TeamLahetta (18U)
Akron A's Showcase (17U)
Indiana Hurricanes 17U Orange (17U)
Terriers Baseball 18U (18U)
Terriers Baseball 17u (17U)
Brampton Royals (17U)
A.Green Baseball North (18U)
Indiana Chargers 17u White (17U)
Summit City Sluggers 17U Alwine (17U)
Rhino Wisconsin 18U (18U)
Rhino Wisconsin 17U (17U)
Illinois Braves (18U)
South Oakland A's (17U)
Wheatland Ducks 17/18U Netzel (18U)
Wheatland Ducks 17/18U Tiffy (18U)
Indiana Nitro Cardinal (17U)
Illinois Crush Orange (18U)
Chicagoland Panthers (18U)
Central Illinois Outlaws (18U)
Illinois Crush Navy (18U)
Elite Baseball Academy (18U)
Illinois Lightning 17U (17U)
Registered Teams
Ontario Nationals (18U)
Indiana Nitro (14U)
Indiana Elite (17U)
Spikes Baseball 17u (17U)
Northern Indiana Elite (18U)
South Oakland A's Demetral (17U)
Premier Ohio - Pastorelle (16U)
Michiana Scrappers 17U White (17U)
Michigan Blue Jays (18U)
Indiana HAvoc 16U (16U)
Cincinnati Hornets - Lindsey (17U)
West Michigan Broncos (17U)
17U Cincinnati Fury Elite (17U)
Warthogs Baseball (17U)
CBC Black (17U)
MASH 18U (18U)
17/18 Hilliard Jaguars (18U)
Game 7 Legacy 18U (18U)
OABC (18U)
Cincinnati Cardinals (17U)
Memphis Chicks (17U)
Triple Crown Royals (18U)
Premier Ohio - Cicerchi (18U)
CBC Red (17U)
Game 7 Legacy 17U (17U)
18U JB Yeager (18U)
Indiana Twins (17U)
Wisconsin Panthers 17U Red (17U)
Midwest Astros Ancelet (17U)
Knights North 17u (17U)
Tim Lally Baseball (17U)
Indiana Prospects 17U Woolwine (17U)
18u Illinois Hawks Ash/Bodine (18U)
Illinois Indians (18U)
Elite Nationals (18U)
Wisconsin Panthers 17U Black (17U)
BNBA 17 Gold (17U)
Ohio Elite (Myers) (18U)
Baseball Academics Midwest (BAM) (18U)
Midwest Tar Heels (17U)
Champaign Recruits (18U)
Hounds Baseball Stewart (17U)
Recruits Baseball Club - 17/18u (18U)
Mashfactory Baseball Club (17U)
Waitlisted Teams

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