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Pastime Tournaments - Tournament Details

Tournament: THE 16U ALL PROSPECT WORLD SERIES - Grand Park/Butler/Uindy

Dates: 7/26/2018 - 7/29/2018
Location: Indianapolis,IN
Cost: $950.00
Age Group: 16U
Games: 4
Featured Teams: 24
Status: Waitlist
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Tournament Description

Grand Park, Butler University, University of Indianapolis and surrounding collegiate/high school venues in and around the Indianapolis, IN area will play host to this event.  Teams will participate in a 4 game guarantee event with awards going to the teams in the finals of each age division.  Baseballs will be provided by Pastime Tournaments during this event.  

*There is a one time gate fee for spectators during the event.

**There are a limited number of teams accepted in to this event.  The All Prospect event is a tournament featuring teams, 40 MAX, for each age division with teams participating in pool play followed by championship and consolation format brackets.  

This event has expanded due to popularity and will include 40+ teams in attendance.

***Teams in finals will receive shirts and hats with Champion and Championship insignia.

Marks team with guaranteed games at featured field.
 Confirmed Teams
Rawlings Elite Baseball Club - Black (16U)
Team Heat Baseball (16U)
Oakland Bulldogs 17u (17U)
KBC 16U Prime (16U)
3n2 Illinois Steel (16U)
Bigler Big Time - U16 (16U)
Indiana Elite Red (16U)
Indy Sharks (17U)
Bluegrass Xpress Blue Goins (16U)
Oakland Reds (16U)
Motor City Hitmen (16U)
Upper Deck Cougars (16U)
CVille Orioles KY 16U (16U)
Kenosha County Royals- Cunningham (16U)
Cincinnati Riverbats Hallman (16U)
Indiana Arabians (16U)
Line Drive Baseball (17U)
Kentucky Force (16U)
Michigan Mudcats (16U)
BASE Astros (16U)
Legacy Baseball - Evans (16U)
Indiana Astros 16U-Black (16U)
Motor City Hit Dogs (16U)
Lake Central High School Baseball (16U)
Team Indiana (Profitt) (16U)
Fort Wayne Renegades (16U)
Indiana Blaze (16U)
Northern Indiana Baseball Club Cardinals (16U)
Cincinnati Baseball Club Black (16U)
TC Prospects 16U (16U)
Wisconsin Panthers 16U (16U)
Adidas Surge 16u Scout (16U)
STiKS Academy (16U)
Slammers-Illinois 16u (Kenny) (16U)
Slammers-Illinois 16u (Pawlowski) (16U)
Sharpley Training 16u (16U)
Indiana Mustangs-Wides (16U)
Indiana Trailblazers (16U)
Precision Patriots 16u (16U)
Illinois Nationals 20 (16U)
Indiana Astros 16U-Orange (16U)
Lansing Redbirds (16U)
Morris Baseball Chiefs - 2020 (16U)
Sterling Heights Nationals (16U)
Indiana Mustangs-Brantley (16U)
Brampton Royals 16U (16U)
Jet Box 16U (16U)
Z20 Legends 2020 (16U)
Lincoln Way Vipers-Arthur (16U)
Illinois Indians Red (16U)
Ohio Elite - Ratcliff (16U)
Trombly Apaches (16U)
Midwest Astros - Brown (16U)
Registered Teams
South Oakland A's (15U)
Indiana Braves - Bowers (16U)
South Oakland A's (16U)
Foutch's Strike Zone (16U)
STiKS Academy (15U)
Indiana Bandits 16U (16U)
Waitlisted Teams
Upper Deck Cougars (16U)
Indiana Braves Red (16U)
Indiana Primetime Black (16U)

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