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Pastime Tournaments - Tournament Details

Tournament: University of Michigan - The All Prospect Best of Great Lakes

Dates: 7/12/2018 - 7/15/2018
Location: Ann Arbor,MI
Cost: $1,000.00
Age Group: 15U / 16U
Games: 4
Featured Teams: 16
Status: Waitlist
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Tournament Description

University of Michigan and surrounding collegiate/high school venues in and around the Ann Arbor, MI area will play host to this event.  Teams will participate in a 4 game guarantee event with awards going to the teams in the finals of each age division.  Baseballs will be provided by Pastime Tournaments during this event.  

*There is a one time gate fee for spectators during the event.

**The early registration period runs from now until January 1.  The open registration period will run from January 1 until March 1.  The late registration period will from from March 1 until the summer concludes.  Take advantage of the early registration periods to same money on your entry fee in to each tournament as rates do increase as the registration periods expire.

Marks team with guaranteed games at featured field.
 Confirmed Teams
Michigan Sports Academy 16U-Harrison (16U)
Ontario Nationals (16U)
Capital City Kings (16U)
Ontario Royals (16U)
Ontario Blue Jays 15U (15U)
Greyhound Baseball Club (16U)
Total Baseball Travel 15U (15U)
Motor City Hitmen (16U)
West Toronto Wildcats (16U)
ATH Stampede 17U (17U)
Indiana Land Sharks 16U Blue (16U)
East Michigan Muskies (15U)
Total Baseball Travel 16U (16U)
Midwest Athletics Baseball/Shamrocks (MAB) (17U)
Motor City Chiefs (16U)
Michigan Mudcats (16U)
Grosse Pointe Redbirds (15U)
Michigan 59ers (16U)
Motor City Hit Dogs (16U)
Michigan Brewers 16U (16U)
A2 Prospects (16U)
GP Redbirds (16U)
South Oakland A's - Lelli (14U)
Terriers Baseball 15U (15U)
Jet Box - Finn (15U)
Michigan Blue Jays - K. Blakita (15U)
Detroit Black Sox (15U)
Michigan Storm 16u (16U)
Hitz 15U-Borrocci (15U)
London Badgers (16U)
15u London Badgers (15U)
16U Select (16U)
Indiana Nitro Cardinal (15U)
Michigan Mustangs (16U)
CLE Prospects Blue (16U)
Midwest Mavericks (16U)
Downriver Gators (16U)
Lake Erie Warhawks Wilson 16u (16U)
Beaver Valley Red (16U)
Precision Patriots 16u (16U)
Blue Water White Caps (15U)
Sterling Heights Nationals (16U)
Windy City-Gasbarro (15U)
Windy City-Kudlik (15U)
Michigan Blue Jays (16U)
JTB Tigers (16U)
Jet Box 16U (16U)
Aces Elite 16u (16U)
Thundercat Baseball (16U)
Hinsdale Red Dogs 16U Red (16U)
Elite A's (16U)
Naperville Renegades United (16U)
St. Clair Shores Mariners (16U)
MN Blizzard 15u Blue (15U)
MN Blizzard 15u Black (15U)
Huntington Patriots 16u Red (16U)
Mud Hens Baseball Club (15U)
Registered Teams
Indiana Nitro 16U Cardinal (16U)
Lake Erie Titans (16U)
Motor City Bulldogs Baseball Club (15U)
Foutch's Strike Zone (16U)
15U Mustangs- Bohland (15U)
Northern Knights - Zimmerman (16U)
Waitlisted Teams

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