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Pastime Tournaments - Tournament Details

Tournament: Grand Park - Fall Prospect Wood Bat National Championship

Dates: 10/20/2018 - 10/21/2018
Location: Indianapolis,IN
Cost: $950.00
Age Group: 15U / 18U
Games: 4
Featured Teams: 36
Status: Open
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Tournament Description

Grand Park Sports Complex and surrounding collegiate/high school venues in and around the Indianapolis, IN area will play host to this event.  Teams will participate in a 4 game guarantee event with awards going to the teams in the finals of each age division.  Baseballs will be provided by Pastime Tournaments during this event.  

*There is a one time gate fee for spectators during the event.

**Complete game cast will be available at this event.

***TWO divisions will be created for this event at the 15/16U and 17/18U ages.

Note: This is a wood bat tournament.
Marks team with guaranteed games at featured field.
 Confirmed Teams
DBACKS 17U Lopez (17U)
Indy Sharks (17U)
MBA Elite (18U)
Michigan Inferno (17U)
STIX Evolution Baseball (18U)
Midwest Astros - Ulrey (16U)
Indiana Expos-National (15U)
Bigler Big Time - U17 Grey (17U)
Thundercat Baseball Black (17U)
Michiana Scrappers Scout Team (17U)
Indiana Prospects 2020- Cooper (17U)
Indiana Twins (17U)
E9 Evolution Baseball (15U)
Vipers Baseball Underclass (17U)
Canes Midwest (15U)
Vipers Baseball Club 2022s (JD) (15U)
Legacy Select (18U)
Registered Teams
Evolution Baseball (15U)
Dayton Thunderbirds (17U)
Olentangy Braves- Delaware (15U)
Southern Illinois Prospects (17U)
Rawlings Knights 17U- Holbrook (17U)
MC Saints (17U)
Team Ontario Astros 16U (16U)
Team Ontario Astros 18U (18U)
Midwest Astros (18U)
Minnesota Millers - Grey (18U)
Minnesota Millers (17U)
KBC Underclass Prime (15U)
5 Star Midwest Gullett Jr (16U)
5 Star Mid West McCourt (18U)
Southern Illinois Batters Box 17u Fall (17U)
Titans260 21s/22s (15U)
Cangelosi Sparks Red 2021 (16U)
Waitlisted Teams

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