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Pastime Tournaments - Tournament Details

Tournament: University of Dayton - Best of Midwest

Dates: 7/14/2016 - 7/17/2016
Location: Dayton,OH
Cost: $1,000.00
Age Group: 17U / 18U
Games: 5
Featured Teams: 12
Status: Open
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Tournament Description

University of Dayton and other collegiate/high school facilities in Dayton, OH will play host to this event.  This event will feature pool play followed by championship bracket(s) with all teams receiving 4 guaranteed games, weather permitting.  Baseballs will be provided by Pastime Tournaments during this aluminum bat event. 

There is a one time gate fee for each adult during this event.  Seniors and children are not subject to any gate fees.

The listed number of "FEATURED TEAMS” refers to the number of teams that will have a STAR below once payment is received.  That number is simply the number of teams that get a guaranteed game on the feature field…this does not refer to the total number of teams accepted for the event as an event could have “12 Featured Teams” and take 96 for the tournament.  Teams that do not have a star may still get a game on the feature field, FYI.  Registered teams have registered but remain unpaid in full and Confirmed teams are those who have registered and made full payment…Wait List teams will now show up until an event is closed which rarely happens before May.

Marks team with guaranteed games at featured field.
 Confirmed Teams
REB Sports Academy 17-18U (18U)
chi-town cream (18U)
Razorback Baseball (18U)
Underwood Orr Baseball (18U)
Ohio Warhawks (Slusher) (18U)
Rawlings Elite Baseball Club - Black (16U)
KBC 18U (18U)
Prospects Baseball (18U)
Ohio Surge- Gronski (18U)
Columbus Cobras (17U)
Cincinnati Royals (18U)
Midwest Vandals (18U)
Dayton Dodgers (17U)
Central Ohio Knights (18U)
Hamilton Joes (18U)
Springfield Heat (17U)
Rawlings Elite Baseball Club - Blue (17U)
KY Stars Baseball Club (18U)
Columbus Trappers (18U)
Monroe Swarm (16U)
Triple Crown Raiders (18U)
Field House Pirates (16U)
Canes Baseball 17/18U (18U)
Cincy Fury (17U)
RBC (17U)
Ohio Stealth - Wajda (17U)
Rawlings Midwest Astros (18U)
Florence Freedom Elite (17U)
Midwest MOB (18U)
Fairfield Elite Baseball Club 18U (18U)
Cincinnati Bruins (17U)
Ohio Dawgs (18U)
Butler County Bandits (17U)
Illinois Indians - Navy (17U)
Illinois Indians - White (17U)
CBC Elite Red (17U)
Gemcity Throwbacks (18U)
Dayton Classics 18u-Roush (18U)
Cincinnati Stix (18U)
NCS Raiders (18U)
Dayton Diamondbacks (17U)
Registered Teams
Kentucky Buccaneers (18U)
Cincinnati Astros (18U)
Grizzlies Baseball Club (18U)
Midwest Prospects (17U)
USAthletic - Halbert (17U)
Warren County Wolfpack (17U)
Cincinnati Bulldogs (18U)
US Athletic 17U South (17U)
Cincinnati Hornets (17U)
Ohio Elite (18U)
Midland Braves (17U)
Waitlisted Teams

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