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  About Pastime Tournaments

From our inception in 2006, formerly Hoosier Sports Academy, Pastime Tournaments has been on a fast track to hosting some of the top baseball tournaments across the country.  2006 brought ten tournaments between Indiana University, Parkland College and Oklahoma State University with just over 85 teams in attendance from 12-15 different states across the country.  With the quality of events and a focus on providing teams with the ability to compete on top notch collegiate facilities, an overwhelming response from teams and collegiate coaches came in requesting that we expand our tournament locations. 

The Hoosier Sports Academy name was dropped after the 2006 season and "Pastime Tournaments" was born for 2007.  The 2007 season saw a major expansion in tournament locations including events in/at WV, MO, Indiana University, University of Illinois, Arkansas State, Winthrop University, Oklahoma State University, Indiana State, Old Dominion University, Wright State University, Northern Illinois University, and the University of Evansville.  With over 375 teams attending from 24 different states, and Canada, there were as many as 40 collegiate coaches scouting tournaments at any single event with most events seeing 15-20+ schools recruiting from teams in attendance. 

The 2008 season saw much of the same success as Pastime Tournaments continued to improve events, provide baseballs to all teams attending, and see even more collegiate and professional scouts in attendance during tournaments.  With nearly 600 teams attending tournaments events were hosted at Millersville University, Indiana University, Butler University, University of Indianapolis, University of Evansville, Wright State University, Winthrop University, University of Michigan, Oklahoma State University, Eastern Michigan University, Old Dominion University, Wichita State University and in WV and AZ as well.  Participating programs reached from New York to Arizona covering over 30 different states from across the country and Canada.

The 2009 season concluded with an 18U National Championship event in Indianapolis, IN held at the AAA Pirates affiliate, Indianapolis Indians, home of Victory Field in front of nearly 500 fans and spectators.  This event drew over 50 teams from around the country along with nearly 50 college coaches and scouts in attendance.  2009 saw a hand full of tournaments break the 50+ teams attending mark with teams coming from all over the country once again.  Pastime Tournaments was introduced as the hosting party of all Lids Indiana Bulls tournaments and with the addition there were over 1200 total teams attending tournaments through out the 2009 tournament season!  Pastime events were represented in nearly 1/3 of the states across the country in 2009.

The 2010 season was our most highly attended tournament season in history.  With well over 1500 teams attending from 20+ different states Pastime, again, continued to expand its reach in to new areas around the country.  A new National Champion was crowned at the 16U National Championships (5 B's Stingers) and the 18U National Championships (The Ohio Warhawks - shown in the bottom right at AAA Pirates affiliate stadium Victory Field - Indianapolis Indians) in Indianapolis.  A record number of teams attended both of those events from as far as Texas!  

The 2011 season broke attendance records for the 6th consecutive year during our short history.  Over 2100 teams attended tournaments from 20+ different states with events held in 13 different states across the country.  A new National Champion was crowned at the 16U National Championships (Tennessee Baseball Club) and at our 14U National Championships (Ohio Elite).  The Ohio Warhawks repeated as the 18U National Champions at Victory Field in Indianapolis, IN.  This was the first year for the 14U Nationals and it was a huge success with over 30 teams in attendance, 30+ at the 16U Nationals, and 80+ at the 18U Nationals again.

The 2012 and 2013 seasons continued to break team registration attendance records at tournaments with over 2400 and 2500 teams attending each year.  Every National Championship tournament hosted saw more teams in attendance from more states and the competition continues to improve every year.  16U Nationals had nearly 90 teams in attendance in 2013 while the 18U Nationals saw over 100 teams from around the country for the first time.  Pastime will continue to add new tournament venues across the country in 2014!

The 2014 season was our best ever with regards to competition, exposure and attendance from teams across the country.  With 2600+ teams in attendance our National Championship events have now become a must attend event for scouting and competitive purposes.  Over 100 scouts made their way to the 120+ team 18U National Championships in Indianapolis, IN once again.  Rings for National Championship contending teams will be introduced for the 2015 season so we are already looking forward to a big year in 2015.

The 2015 season was, once again, our best with regards to attendance, exposure, the number of collegiate venues utilized, and our largest national championship events in our history.  Over 2600 teams attended once again and we introduced National Championship rings to teams in the finals of all 5 National Championship age divisions.  The 16U, 17U and 18U National Championships all sold out with 96-132 teams in attendance.  We will see our largest season in 2016 as registrations have already surpassed totals for all of 2015 by April 1, 2016!

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